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- this After much thinking I decided that Reborn deserved his own shrine, and so now I'm working slowly on it.
The main problem for this shrine is that there aren't really much informations that are known of this character (me and my fetish for mysterius characters), but I'll try to get as much as possible on him.

Be aware that this part of the site is full of unmarked spoilers, so if you do not want to be spoiled, please do not read and send me flame mails that you have been spoiled, because I'm giving here a warning.

Be aware also that it's mostly personal view, at how I see Reborn and the series it'self. In the end it's a shrine that I made, so it's mainly based on the stuff I like.

Another thing, this shrine is more manga oriented, because I prefere the manga, and watched the anime just at it's begining...

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