Story so far

...plot divided in arcs

First of all, I must say, that I'm still quite behind with the whole story, I think I'm around the 19th Volume, so around 180 chapter. This part of the shrine will be updated with me going tru the story slowly, divided in various arcs, because it's easier to understand it. Later on, I'll also add some pics and similar, but please bear with me, while I try to put in my own words the story so far.

Introduction Arc: the first part, where we actualy meet all the characters, begins with Reborn going to Japan, to tutor Tsuna to become the next Vongola Boss. I still remember when I begun to read it, I was thinking really that the mangaka was on total crack, but one thing is true, I laughed quite a lot. The characters that are introduced in this part, are the ones that will be besides Tsuna almost all the time, or the majority of time in the saga. The mangaka tries in the begining to let us see at least a part of the personality this have, and so in the end we know how they act and react when it's serious buisness or when it's fun. This part is of vital importance to understand some things on the characters, besides it's also nice to know them before the real story begins. (Covers volumes from 1 to 9/10)

Varia Arc: coming soon

Future Arc: coming soon