...what I see in him

This is kind of dificult question, first of all, those who know me, will defenetly know that I have a thing for characters that is almost nothing known of them, or even nothing known of them, and you'll agree with me, that we know almost nothing if nothing about Reborn. And that's a first step for me to love a character.

First time I saw him, I was looking and him and thinking, wtf is this baby... really, and then I just kept going and I grow on him. It's actualy fascinating that he has that infant body, and still dreses as a real mafia hitman. Acutlay, I'm not even sure I'll be able to put at words what I like of him, because sometimes I really think I'm nuts, I know I'm not normal, but being totaly nuts is another thing.

Anyway, I love him because he has that face that never changes, not even when he sleeps, with open eyes, it made me remember my younger brother, when first I found out my younger brother actually sometimes sleeps with opened eyes I almost freaked out, but then got used to it, fortunatly he has his own room, so I do not wake up during the night seeing that eyes that look at me, but actualy they don't. Don't you find fascinating the fact that he sleeps with open eyes, and the only way to know he is sleeping is that bubble from his nose? I find it quite entrataining.

Another thing is that I'm sucker for well-dressed men, and when he is not cosplaying something weirid, he has that black suit and that hat, that make me squee like Haru when seeing him.

I also love expressionless faces, and if there is someone that is expressionless, that's him, it's actually a good thing for a Hitman, but I think that is more for the fact that he is infant - I can't see expressions on Colonello neather, so maybe that's something that Arcobaleno have.

And then there is poping out from everywhere... did he do something to that poor city and school, like being able to come one from everywhere? And that aren't usual places, I say he comes really from everywhere, poor Tsuna can't never be sure that Reborn isn't around watching him, because he normaly is.

Besides that, he is a sadistic bastard, oh yes, he is, he does it for a greater end, but he loves to torture Tsuna, and he adores to pick on Lambo, and he even more adores making tramble Tsuna, sometimes is fascinating at what level that infant can come.

But I think, what I love the most of him is the vail of mistery that hides his past, what makes you wonder and invent stuff about him, trying to answer so much unanswered questions.