...what's known about him

Real Name: Unknown
Birth Date: 13th October
Place of birth: Unknown
Height: 40cm
Weight: 3.7kg
Job: mafia tutor

There is actualy not much known about this character, even if the series has his name, and he is along with Tsuna, the main character. I shall state the known about him. In the manga his adult form is almost seein in the chapter 197, during Lal Mirch's flashback. And another time in the future arc where he is still a baby, but his shadow is of an adult.

First of all, he is one of the 7 (ok 8) arcobalenos, one of the people who accepted to take a curse on themselfs for in order to protrect the Tri-Ni-Set (7³) or ultimate power. He is the owner of the Yellow pacifier - and that means that Reborn's dying will flame is of that color.

He has a pet, named Leon, who always sits on his hat, and when Reborn needs it, he transforms himself in the weapon of Reborn's choce. Reborn uses him a lot to shoot Tsuna with the dying will bulet.

He is part of the Vongola famiglia and his job is to tutor the future vongola boss: Sawada Tsunayoshi, who will become the 10th Vongola boss. He was chosen for that job, because he is most trusted by the 9th Vongola boss. While he is tutoring, can't directly interfere with Tsuna's battles, even if he is allowed to protect himself if an attack is directed to him.

One of Reborn's most known things is that when he apears he normaly greets with Ciaossu - a mix between italian Ciao and japanese male way of greeting osu. His face is always blank, or better he almost never changes his expression, no matter what situation he is in, he also sleeps with his eyes opened.

He has total love for cosplaying, or simply dressing in weirid stuff, or other people, and when he does, it seems only Tsuna is able to recognise him as Reborn.

In the future it seems he died, so when Reborn goes there he stays in the base and with protection on him, to avoid being killed by the Negative Seven Rays that Byakuran let go in the atmosphere, to contaminate the arcobaleno's and kill them slowly.

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