Sawada Tsunayoshi

..."no good" Tsuna... the 10th Vongola boss

Age: 14
Birthdate: 14th October
Bloodtype: A
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 46.5 kg
Nationality: Japanese

When Reborn and Tsuna meet for the first time, the boy is good for nothing, and Reborn has to change that, because his job is to make from him, the greatest Vongola boss ever. Their relationship could be called strange, but in the end I believe that between them there is a strong bond, that is deepening from day to day, month to month. Maybe Reborn's methods are unusual, but it seems that they work quite well when it comes to Tsuna, because the boys is growing stronger and he actualy begin believe in himself. Actualy we can witness a great change in the boy from the begining of the manga till where he is now, we can say that Reborn did a great job, because only at times there comes out the "no-good-tsuna".

Besides Reborn Tsuna is the main character, and on my opionion, he is the one that changes the most during the story. We see him at the begining as someone who isn't able to stand for himself, and then slowly, thanks to the dying will bullets, he begin to actualy thing in a "non-looser way", he is slowly growing up. For someone who one day finds that he is to be the next boss of a powerful mafia family, he coops with it quite well. I love this character not simply because he is cute and I would like to hug him, but because he changes, from battle to battle, he gains more confidence, he is becoming cooler, and more boss-like, but still he doesn't loose the ability to be gentile toward his friends and care for them a great deal. We know that in the future he is the one to order to destroy the seven rings, not only because he doesn't want Byakuran having them, but also because he fears that his most precous family members (his guardians) could die, and in the future, when Tsuna from the past wakes, he is in a coffin, because Tsunayoshi from the future is killed by Byakuran.