Vongola famiglia

...the most powerful mafia family

Vongola family, nowdays is the most powerful mafia family. It also has other smaller mafia families that work for them and even organisations, including some of the arcobalenos. It was founded 400 years before the begining of the plot in the manga, and the founder was Giotto better known as Vongola Primo. The history of this family is quite of a violent and bloody kind. The first Vongola boss was one of kind (his looks are similar to Tsuna) who was able to unite quite interesting people around himself, he accpeted everykind of people in his family - so there were kings, military, rival mafia, religious and who knows what else. Those who have Vongola blood normaly possess unique traits - some apear in every generation and some do the skip of more generations to come back later.

Another interesting thing about this family is that are the Vongola Rings - seven rings that are in this world from the moment the mafia underground was born, normaly the seven rings are in possesion of the Vongola boss and his six main family members, known also as Vongola Guardians.

The family has lot of traditions, one of the most interesting is the Vongola tournament, when the two possible bosses and their guardians battle for the ownership of the rings and boss position.

Vongola Primo

The images up, are of the first nine Vongola bosses - from Primo to Nono. We can also notice that every boss has it's own type of weapon, like Vongola Quarto, who's weapon of choce was forks... and we can also see that Vongola Primo, had gloves, as does Tsuna.

The names of secondo, terzo, quarto and quinto are unknown, while we know that Primo's name was Giotto, Sesto's name was Simora, Settimo was Fabio, the Ottavo was a female and her name was Daniela, and the Nono's name is Timoteo.

Of the nine bosses, we know something only about the ninth one. Timoteo who is current head of the family. His weapon is a scepter, and it was said that because he is becoming old, he needs to have the next boss trained. The main problem is his adopted son Xanxus who believes himself more worthy to become the 10th boss, even if he has no Vongola blood in his veins. To get a possibility he replaces his adoptive father by a fake, and kidnapps Timoteo, puting him within Gola Mosca who is draining his life energy, but in the end the tournament is won by Tsuna and his guardians, and the future 10th boss saves the 9th. In the future he is believed dead.

Known facts about the other bosses are:

Vongola Primo - Giotto: He is the founder of the family and the creator of the Zero Point Breakthrough. When he retired, he moved to Japan and started a family, of which Tsuna is descendant. He looks quite like Tsuna and they use the same weapon.

Vongola Secondo: Was the second family boss and his dying will flame is know as Flame of Wrath, which is used also by Xanxus, who strangly looks like him, even if he doesn't have Vongola blood.

Vongola Settimo - Fabio: The 7th boss, is known of having the weakest flame of all the Vongola bosses, because of this he is the one that created the first Dying Will gun. He store his flame in it and realise it as more powerfull and condensed enrgy. He used the bullets, to store his flame within them. Xanxus imitated him during the Vongola turnament. He is father to Daniela (Vongola Ottavo) and grandfather to Timoteo (Vongola Nono)

Vongola Ottavo - Daniela: She is the only female in the family, and she is the mother to Vongola Nono (Timoteo) and her weapon was a crossbow.